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June 2011

June 2011, Issue 53

Your College and You

Thank you for your interest in receiving breaking news and professional information from the Ontario College of Teachers.

In this Issue:

Share Your Feedback About AQ Course Guidelines on Facebook

In a recent Professional Advisory we provided advice on how to best use electronic communication and social media with students. This month, the College launched its own Facebook page.

The Facebook page is an opportunity for the College to illustrate some ways in which social media may be used for communication and information sharing. As the site develops, there will be opportunities for members to read about College initiatives and to provide input on a variety of topics.

Currently, the College is asking: What revisions need to be made to the Special Education Additional Qualification course guidelines to help ensure teachers have the necessary professional knowledge, skills and practices to support students with diverse needs?

Your feedback is valuable and helps ensure course guidelines reflect your knowledge and experience. The current Special Education course guidelines are available on the College’s website.

To join the discussion, go to http://www.facebook.com/OntarioTeachers and “like” the page. If you do not have a Facebook account or you would prefer to send your input privately, please complete our short online survey.

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Tutorial Video Helps New Applicants

The College now has a registration tutorial video offering helpful tips and advice to those applying online to become an Ontario certified teacher.

Presented by College Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Michael Salvatori, OCT, the 10-minute video provides a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply online and outlines the materials required for the application.

Please forward the registration tutorial video link to friends who will be applying to become an Ontario certified teacher to help them navigate through the process.

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Taking an AQ this Summer? Access Resources Online

Visit the College’s Margaret Wilson Library in person or online for access to extensive materials on a variety of topics that can assist with your studies.

The College may be unable to mail library materials during the Canada Post labour disruption. If returning materials becomes difficult during the postal disruption, visit the College’s web site for more information.

Need immediate access to resources? Members can electronically access EBSCO, the world’s foremost research database offering premium content in any subject area, such as classroom management, leadership, learning styles and English as a Second Language.

Log in to the Members’ Area to access over 8,000 full-text journals, 700 full-text newspapers and 317,000 full-text education documents. By creating an account with EBSCO you can receive alerts for new journal issues.

To find out more about the library or to access materials from anywhere in Canada, visit www.oct.ca or email library@oct.ca.

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Your membership card can provide you with discounts at stores and attractions throughout Ontario.

Discount Program Spreads

News of our exclusive OCT discounts program – now with more than 140 providers – is spreading, and non-teachers are trying to reap your rewards. Participating Ontario organizations report an increase in individuals who claim to be teachers with no proof on hand. 

The key to receiving your discounts on everything from a visit to the museum to a new computer purchase is simple – no card, no discount. Without seeing a valid OCT card, providers can't determine who is entitled to the special offers. To claim a discount by phone, mention that you are a College member with an OCT card.  

If left unresolved, asking for discounts without proof of membership will jeopardize the future of your savings. The Art Gallery of Ontario tells us that this is a challenge it faces once or twice a week. Another provider has already ended a popular discount, while some continue to express concern about people with no cards who claim to be teachers. 

Visit the College web site to see a complete list of organizations that offer free admission and discounts across Ontario. Recent additions include: 

If you visit an attraction that's not on our discount list, you might ask them to consider participating in our discount program. Organizations can e-mail discounts@oct.ca for more information.

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