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  • World Teachers' Day
  • Do You Know A Teacher Looking For A Teaching Position?
    Here's A New Service From The College That Can Help

World Teachers' Day- October 5

The Ontario College of Teachers promotes the teaching profession in many ways - through Professionally Speaking, the development and promotion of the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and a number of other initiatives. The College has, for example, taken a leadership role in publishing the first comprehensive study on the teacher shortage in Ontario and providing expertise on the issue.

For World Teachers' Day on October 5th, the College will celebrate Ontario teachers through an ad - Remarkable Teachers Inspire Remarkable Canadians - that will appear in 40 newspapers across the province. Through the words of remarkable Canadians, the College will highlight for all Ontarians the great contribution that teachers make to the lives of their students.

The College published a similar ad last year on World Teachers' Day in four large Ontario papers. This year, because of the positive feedback about the 2001 ad campaign from our members and other teacher organizations, we are expanding it to daily newspapers all across the province.

UNESCO has earmarked October 5th as World Teachers' Day since 1994. It is an occasion to honour the invaluable contribution of teachers to their communities and society in general.

The ad will appear on October 4th. Watch for future issues of Your College And You for a list of papers it is appearing in and a copy of the ad.

Do You Know A Teacher Looking For A Teaching Position?
Here's A New Service From The College That Can Help

Searching for a teaching position has become much more convenient with the College's one-stop shopping for teaching jobs across Ontario.

A click of the mouse on the TeachOntario link on the College's web site will give you access to three comprehensive web sites for teaching job postings in Ontario. These three sites - Education Canada, Jobs in Education and Workopolis - offer useful services like résumé posting, custom-tailored job searches and information on certification, salary ranges and geographical location.

It is expected that school boards will post most jobs on these sites since they are now officially recognized by the Ministry of Education as fulfilling requirements to advertise vacant teaching positions.

More than 1,400 teachers visited the TeachOntario page on the College web site in just the first four days that the College offered this new service to the teaching profession. Click here to check it out for yourself.

TeachOntario is just one of a growing number of College online services, from our easy-to-use address change to lists of AQ and PLP courses.

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