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November 2008

November 2008, Issue 41

Your College and You

Thank you for your interest in receiving breaking news and professional information from the Ontario College of Teachers.

In this Issue:

Changes to certification in the works

The College is examining changes to the certification process that will consolidate a variety of certificates issued to new members and change some teaching practice requirements.

Currently the College issues a number of different certificates to new applicants according to restrictions on what they can teach or requirements they must fulfill, such as completing an additional basic qualification, a year of teaching experience or the next part of a multi-session program. When all conditions have been met, an interim or limited certificate holder applies for conversion to a permanent certificate of qualification.

Council has approved a proposal for the the College to issue a single certificate of qualification and registration to new members. Terms, limits or conditions of certification will be listed on the certificate. Once conditions or terms have been fulfilled, they will be removed. Members would no longer need to apply for conversion of certificates.

The only other certificate that would be issued would be a transitional certificate for new members who are enrolled in a multi-session program of professional education. A permanent certificate would be issued when they have completed the balance of their program.

Proposed changes would also remove the one-school-year teaching requirement between sessions for candidates in multi-session programs. Applicants would, however, be required to complete a supervised practicum similar to all other teacher candidates as a condition of certification.

Another proposal is to remove the condition that members who took their professional education outside Ontario must complete 194 days of successful teaching before they can convert to a permanent certificate.

Applicants from outside Ontario would continue to be required to show they had completed supervised practice teaching or have equivalent teaching experience.

"Council has indicated the direction it wants us to move in streamlining our certification process," said Registrar Brian McGowan. "These changes will help minimize barriers to Ontario certification for those educated outside the province and ensure that our registration practices are fair for all applicants."

The College is currently in discussion with the Ministry of Education to draft  regulatory language for consideration and approval by Council at a later date.

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Qualifications renamed or discontinued

If you have recently completed an additional qualification and are expecting to see it reflected on your record, you may be momentarily puzzled by what you find.

A number of additional basic qualifications (ABQs) and additional qualifications  (AQs) in the Teachers' Qualifications Regulation were renamed or removed from the regulation as of August 31, 2008.

Members who completed an ABQ or AQ before that date but did not have it applied to their record until after August 31 are being awarded the qualification under its new name or – in the case where the qualification was discontinued – a qualification that is equivalent.

The changes to qualifications do not affect any member's qualifications. Members who have earned a qualification that has been discontinued will continue to have that qualification listed on their certificate. If the qualification is a prerequisite to another AQ, the member will not have to take the prerequisite again.

If the qualification is being phased out, those who have taken Part I will be able to take Part II or Specialist until the phase out is complete in 2012.

Employers are being informed of the changes and that the new names or revised qualifications do not change the eligibility of any members to be assigned to  specific teaching duties.

The changes to the regulation were the result of input from members and education stakeholders during the two-year review of teachers' qualifications that the College concluded in 2007.

Members can find an updated list of qualifications and the guidelines that the College has created for providers at www.oct.ca and information about the renamed and discontinued qualifications.

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Elementary teachers - complete this survey and be entered for a chance to win:

  • $150 Indigo Gift Card Early Bird Prize
  • $300 Indigo Gift Card Grand Prize
  • 4 second prizes of $100 Indigo Gift Cards
  • 4 third prizes of $50 Indigo Gift Cards
  • 25 prizes of $25 Indigo Gift Cards

Open to elementary teachers only. Organizations that develop Health and Physical Education curriculum based programs and resources need your feedback. Nybble IT Consulting, a survey development agency, has developed a quick online survey to gather your feedback on the kind of resources you are using, what you find useful, and gaps in teacher nutrition education resources and programs.

Your answers will help improve some existing programs and develop new programs and resources that best meet teachers’ needs.

You can complete the online survey in November at www.TeachNutritionResourceSurvey.com.

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Do you find research in education useful to your teaching? Participate in an online survey

Concordia University invites you to participate in an online survey to gather the experiences of educators across Canada to see if research is useful and how it is used in their everyday practices.

If you feel that research affects your practices or, on the contrary, is of little use, here is a way of making your views known.

Your responses will help to better understand how you use research in your practice and develop better strategies for researchers to communicate their work to members of theteaching profession. 

To participate in this anonymous survey, click on the link below before November 15, 2008.


To reach the project leader for more information:

Dr. Robert M. Bernard
Research Project Leader,
Professor of Education,
514-848-2424 ext. 2027
E-mail: bernard@education.concordia.ca
Web site: http://doe.concordia.ca/cslp

The main findings from this survey will be made public on the web site of Concordia’s Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance in the Spring of 2009.

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Now More Than 6,500 Resources For You

The school year is well underway and when students are hitting the books teachers can't be far behind.

You can choose from among more than 6,500 education-related books and videos available in your College's Margaret Wilson Library.

We will mail books and videos postage-free to your home or school address. Using a special-return mailing label, you can mail books back to the library free of charge.

In addition to books and videos, we also have approximately 200 professional journals and many other resources in English and French. You can search the library database online from the College web site.

Simply log into your Members' Area account to request books and videos from the College library online, check the status of your holds, renew materials you've checked out and create your own library lists.

You can also request a literature search by library staff, who will mail, fax or e-mail the journal articles.

More information regarding the library and its resources or e-mail library@oct.ca.

Olivia Hamilton
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