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March 2005

March 2005, Issue 20

Your College and You

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In this Issue:

Teachers involved in every aspect of education as well as parents and the public will all be involved in this broad consultation.

Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow

Please tell us what you think!

Today 40 Ontario educators are gathering at the Ontario College of Teachers to launch an in-depth review of teacher qualifications.

The Ontario College of Teachers is conducting this review to help ensure that members of our profession have the skills and knowledge we need to help our students learn in the classroom of tomorrow.

The regulation and the requirements for certifying teachers are more than 25 years old. Since then, as you know, the curriculum has undergone many changes. Information technology is now an integral part of learning. We have a greater awareness of diverse learning styles and the teaching methods they call for. Ontario students are more culturally diverse and students with special needs are now integrated into almost every classroom.

Phase one of the review will examine what new teachers need to learn in their teacher education programs.

How do you feel about the course content, the program length and the practicum? Visit our web site at www.oct.ca and fill out the questionnaire. You may want to prepare by reading the consultation paper that is available on the College web site.

You are also invited to provide your input in writing. Please send your written submissions to Brian McGowan, Deputy Registrar, Ontario College of Teachers, 121 Bloor Street East, Toronto ON M4W 3M5 or e-mail to outreach@oct.ca.

Teachers involved in every aspect of education - whether they are classroom teachers, principals, deans, federation representatives, officials from the Ministry of Education - as well as parents and the public will all be involved in this broad consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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