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Supporting New Teacher Development Using Narrative-Based Professional Learning Cover

Becoming a reflective community of practice

This paper explores the collaborative research relationship among a faculty of education, district school board and a teacher's self-regulatory body. Each group possessed different objectives; however, all agreed that reflection, teacher inquiry and standards of practice would unite their research journey.

Casebook Guide for Teacher Education

Casebook Guide for Teacher Education

This pedagogical resource has been developed to support the use of the College casebook, Cases for Teacher Development: Preparing for the Classroom, within teacher education. The 13 cases you will encounter in the casebook can become your curriculum to initiate study and research into the ethical standards and the standards of practice. Our hope is that the cases as curriculum and pedagogical tools will facilitate deeper awareness, understanding and integration of the standards within your daily practice.

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Developing Leaders Using Case Inquiry

In this article the author describes a collaborative project undertaken by two provincial education organizations to foster the leadership formation of school leaders. Leadership development through case inquiry was the focus of this innovative partnership between the Ontario College of Teachers and the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario.

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Dialogic Construction of Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession

Ethical practice resides at the core of the teaching profession in Ontario, Canada, and is based on an agreed-upon set of ethical standards and principles by both the teaching profession and the public. Starratt’s (2004) understanding of ethics as the principles, beliefs, assumptions, and values that characterize a moral life shapes this core.

Cover Foundations of Professional Practice

Foundations of Professional Practice

The Foundations of Professional Practice articulate a collective vision of professionalism for Ontario educators. Take a minute to reflect on what’s new in a recently revised version.

Exploring Leadership and Ethical Practice through Professional Inquiry

Illuminating and facilitating professional knowledge through case work

In the spring of 2002 the Ontario College of Teachers began a research project in order to foster awareness of the Standards of Practice for the 187,000 teachers in the province. Case work, in which 18 teachers representative of the College's membership wrote narratives describing their professional dilemmas, was the methodology chosen.


Registering with Ontario College of Teachers

If you are applying to become an Ontario certified teacher, you will want to watch this registration tutorial video. Presented by College Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Michael Salvatori, OCT, it contains helpful tips and advice to guide you step-by-step through the process of applying online.

Standards for the Teaching Profession

Standards Poster

A two-sided poster listing the standards of practice and ethical standards that are the foundation of teaching in Ontario.

Teaching and Learning through e-learning: A New Additional Qualification Course for the Teaching Profession Cover

Teaching and Learning through e-Learning: A New Additional Qualification Course for the Teaching Profession

This paper will discuss the new additional qualification course guideline for Teaching and Learning through e-learning in Ontario. This innovative new teaching qualification course provides a foundation for teachers interested in supporting the development of professional knowledge, skills, dispositions and instructional practices that support teachers facilitating e-learning within various educational contexts across a highly diverse province.

Transitions to Teaching 2003

Transition to Teaching 2003

Almost every new teacher did eventually get a regular job suited to their qualifications. New teachers lack orientation programs.

Transition to Teaching 2004

Transition to Teaching 2004

By March of their first teaching year, four of five new teachers have regular teaching positions or term contracts.

Transition to Teaching 2006

Transition to Teaching 2006

Outside the population growth area of Greater Toronto, job openings are increasingly scarce, except for French-language teachers and those qualified in secondary math, physics, chemistry and technological studies.

Transition to Teaching 2007

Transition to Teaching 2007

Many English-language graduates of 2006, 2005 and 2004, and even some from 2003 and 2002, continue to look for their first regular teaching contracts.

Transition to Teaching 2008

Transition to Teaching 2008

Difference between market for French-language and English-language teachers continues to widen. Most 2004 and 2003 Ontario and border college graduates are well settled by the fourth and fifth years of their teaching careers.

Transition to Teaching 2009

Transition to Teaching 2009

Seventeen per cent of new grads from Ontario faculties and border colleges could not find any type of teaching job. French-language teachers have an easier time, but those finding regular jobs in their first year fell from 70 to 50 per cent.

Transition to Teaching 2010

Transition to Teaching 2010

Since 2002, the College has been surveying teachers in their first years to see what kinds of jobs they are getting and how they are settling into the profession. Unemployment is up sharply in 2010 with many new English-language teachers unable to find even daily supply teaching. New French-language teachers have better job outcomes than English-language teachers but two years of data show clearly that they, too, are now experiencing a more challenging job market.

2012 Transition to Teaching Cover

Transition to Teaching 2012

Another cohort of new teachers swelled the ranks of Ontario’s 30,000+ teachers unable to find regular teaching jobs in 2012. Read our exclusive survey for all the details.

2014 Transition to Teaching Cover

Transition to Teaching 2014

Ontario’s Transition to Teaching study focuses on job search outcomes, early-career experiences and professional development of newly licensed teachers.

Transition to Teaching 2010

Transition to Teaching 2015

The Transition to Teaching study focuses on job search outcomes, early-career experiences and professional development of recently licensed teachers.

Transition to Teaching 2016

The Transition to Teaching surveys include samples of all individuals recently licensed to teach in the province of Ontario.


Video tour of Ontario College of Teachers

Parent, teacher or student -- it's your College, and we'd like to show you around. Check out our College Tour video. It highlights the inner workings of the College and the people who make it happen. Many thanks to the enthusiastic students of the Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School film program who helped us make this video. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whole crew and students in action. Popcorn optional.


Voices of Wisdom: Learning from Elders

In this 14-minute video, First Nations elders, an Inuit elder and a Métis senator share personal stories of tragedy, experience, wisdom and cultural identity. Their words underline the importance of understanding our Canadian history and the experiences First Nations, Inuit and Métis students bring to our classrooms. These stories will help educators enhance their professional knowledge and practice. The Ontario College of Teachers developed this resource to support the development of Additional Qualifications course guidelines.

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