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Code of Ethics for Council Members

Elected and appointed members of the College Council made a commitment to professionalism and fairness when they adopted their own code of ethics at their December 11-12, 1997 meeting.

Members of the Council shall, in the performance of their duties:

  • comply with the provisions of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, the regulations made under the Act and the bylaws of the College
  • familiarize themselves with the Act, the regulations, the bylaws and any other records and documents that may be necessary for the performance of the duties of their office
  • take part in the committee work of the College and serve actively during their term of office on any committees to which they have been appointed
  • ensure that confidential matters coming to their attention as members of the Council are not disclosed by them except as required for the performance of their duties or as directed by the Council or the Chair
  • recognize the distinction between their corporate and individual authority as Council members and conduct themselves accordingly with College staff, members of the College and the public
  • exercise care, diligence, skill and prudence in carrying out the business of the College
  • conscientiously perform duties on behalf of the officers of the College, as requested
  • seek to enhance the public perception of the College and the profession of teaching.

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